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Cost Planning

Cost planning and estimating is a service provided by Glyndwr Consulting throughout the pre and post construction of a project lifecycle.

We continue to update and produce further iterations of the cost plan as we move through the RIBA Stages, to ensure it is fit for purpose and includes a suitable level of detail. The detail increases as the project proceeds:

  • RIBA Stage 1/2 – cost plan is based on £/m2 unit rates initially applied to GIFA and then elemental quantities as the design permits.
  • RIBA Stage 3/4 – cost plan is broken down into sub-elements and detailed items are quantified and unit rates applied.

The format of the cost plan will follow the industry recognized Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) New Rules of Measurement (NRM) format.

During all stages we feedback to the project design team on design versus budget, facilitating the design to be adapted and changed to ensure the project is delivered on budget.

Our estimating processes are applied throughout and cover:

  • Site option cost appraisals
  • Massing studies
  • Stage cost plans
  • Alternative design cost appraisals
  • Pre-tender estimates
  • Pre-costing variations
Project Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a key process we undertake to provide confidence in the figures submitted as part of the cost plan. We undertake detailed analysis of all successful market tenders received to help inform all future cost plans. Abnormal costs relating to site issues, location, planning etc are stripped out to allow the base costs to be understood and captured.



Our team have the in-depth knowledge and experience to advise our clients on the most appropriate tendering and contractual procurement options for their project.

We have experience delivering traditional and design and build projects, with negotiated, single stage and two stage procurements utilising all mainstream forms of contracts.

Where appropriate, we can advise on suitable tenderers for the building contract.

Key activities include:

  • Liaise with the client’s legal advisers and advise on use and / or amendment of standard forms of contract.
  • Advise client on suitable tenderers, reporting on their financial status and technical competence.
    Prepare the tender documents in conjunction with the professional team and deliver to the selected tenderers.
  • Detail and manage the tender process, resolving any queries raised, attending pre- and post-tender interviews.
  • Analyse tender returns and prepare a tender report with recommendation for client’s approval.
    Agree pre-construction commencement activities and draft contract documents. Arrange signature by parties.
  • Maintain and develop the cost plan and cash flow forecast.


Our post contract activities are designed to remove project surprises and proactively manage risk.

We advise on the cost of variations prior to them being issued and fully engage and contribute to early warning and risk reduction meetings. This allows fully informed decisions to be made.

We fully analyse all projects to inform future project cost plans and include results in benchmarking exercises where client permissions are given.

Key activities include:

  • Attend the site progress meeting and update on financial matters. Issue monthly financial reports to the client.
  • Visit the site as required to properly assess progress and prepare recommendations for interim payments.
  • Advise on the cost of variations prior to the issue of instructions and negotiate an actual cost with the contractor for those progressed.
  • Attend and contribute to early warning and risk reduction meetings.
  • Advise on contractual matters.
  • Prepare the final account and negotiate agreement of all parties

Post Handover

Project Benchmarking

Benchmarking is integral to the early stages of all projects and provides confidence in the figures submitted as part of the cost plan. To afford us detailed and accurate cost data for our benchmarking exercises, we undertake detailed analysis of all successful market tenders received to help inform all future cost plans. Abnormal costs relating to site issues, location, planning etc are stripped out to allow the base costs to be understood and captured.

Post Project Reviews

Glyndwr fully engage in post project or lessons learnt workshops to the benefit of future projects, especially where a series or programme of projects are being delivered. We offer honest opinions on what has worked and what hasn’t worked and are open to receive constructive feedback on our services, which we analyse and incorporate into our processes to continually improve our service delivery.

Post Occupancy Evaluations

We fully engage with the project team and FM team in analysing the POE outcomes, to understand from the end users and building performance perspective how the design has performed and what changes, including associated cost, could be adopted moving forward. This is of particular importance for repeat projects.

Business Case Cost Consultancy

Glyndwr Consultancy see Business Case cost management consultancy as a key deliverable to establish and test the on-going viability of public sector projects and programmes. We have experience developing the financial aspects of business cases in accordance with HM Treasury Green Book five-case model guidance. Our experience covers the Strategic Outline Programme, Strategic Outline Case, Outline Business Case and Final Business Case stages, together with the Business Justification Case for smaller schemes.  We work closely with the client team providing timely and accurate input, whilst tailoring our approach to the client’s requirements.

Our consultants undertake a range of inputs including:

Economic Case;
  • Completion of an economic and financial appraisal
  • Preparation of a discounted cashflow calculation
  • Facilitation of risk appraisals by project team
  • Facilitation of assessment of scoping options by project team
  • Facilitation of benefits appraisals by project team
  • Undertaking sensitivity analysis of outcomes
Commercial Case;
  • Providing procurement and engagement advice including establishment of community benefits targets and utilising Welsh Government toolbox
Financial Case;
  • Completion of capital cost assessments
  • Completion of optimism bias calculations
  • Preparation of investment / spend cashflows
  • Input into income and expenditure overall affordability analysis

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Employers Agent

As Employers Agents, Glyndwr Consultancy proactively manage the project by fulfilling the client’s contractual role, with prior agreement, under the design & build (D&B) forms of contract.

Subject to client requirements and levels of support required, the role can be implemented at:

  • Project commencement – assisting in setting up the project, managing engagement of the team and design delivery.
  • Pre-tender – overseeing completion of tender design and working with the quantity surveyor to pull together the tender documents, managing tender process and pulling together contract documents.
  • Post-contract – proactively discharging the client’s obligations under the D&B contract.

Glyndwr will agree project specific tasks and input to meet the client’s requirements. Typical scope activities include:


  • Analyse the client's brief, draft project programme and arrange preparation of an estimate of the construction cost.
  • Appraise the site and arrange surveys of the site and any investigations.
  • In conjunction with the client and project team, develop a scheme for outline proposals.
  • Formulate the brief to the contractors in the form of the employer's requirements together with the associated tender documentation.
  • Advise on warranties, bonds, consents and licenses.
  • Negotiate tender from the contractor to achieve a tender offer within the pre-determined construction cost estimates.
  • Sanction the contractor's detailed design.
  • Prepare the contract documents.


  • Chair and minute monthly site meetings
  • Sanction the contractor's detailed design throughout the contract.
  • Provide full quality control inspection services throughout the contract.
  • Provide a full cost control administration service throughout the contract.
  • Carry out full quality inspection on completion of the works and issue appropriate certification under the contract
  • Arrange commissioning and any maintenance contracts for M&E installations

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