Glyndwr advocates the adoption of Gold Standard frameworks and believes there are significant benefits to be achieved for the construction industry and building operators / users.

The ‘Constructing the Gold Standard’ review aims to provide a measurable framework strategy and identifies the following deliverables:

  • Better, safer, faster and greener outcomes from projects and programmes of work
  • Net zero carbon and social value targets through agreed joint actions
  • Improved safety through whole life value and optimal use of digital information
  • Industry investment through aggregation, standardisation and optimal use of MMC
  • Improved efficiency and innovation through strategic use of ESI
  • Improved contributions from SMEs, including local and regional businesses
  • Efficiency savings for clients and industry through consistent, transparent documents
  • Savings for clients and industry through collaboration and dispute avoidance.

The review shows how clients and suppliers can create and implement a Gold Standard framework alliance contract which includes:

  • An outcome-based strategic brief that drives economic, social and environmental value with strategic supplier proposals for delivering that brief
  • Multi-party relationships that align objectives, success measures, targets and incentives with commitments to joint work on improving value and reducing risk
  • A timetable of strategic actions to improve integration, value and outcomes, for example using MMC, digital technologies, ESI and Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Transparent costing, call-off, performance measurement and incentives that provide a fair return for suppliers and drive value rather than a race to the bottom
  • Framework management systems that support collaboration and dispute avoidance.

This review illustrates how clients and suppliers can create and implement collaborative Gold Standard action plans under their current frameworks, for example using supplemental framework alliances to convert their improved value objectives into agreed systems and timetables that deliver better, safer, faster, greener projects and programmes of work.

The review makes 24 recommendations covering all aspects of project delivery and post contract asset management.

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